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45 minute training session at Fitness on Main Gym and Virtual Studio - Baudette, Minnesota.

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Hey, I'm Dani!

I’m a master’s prepared licensed public health registered nurse who transitioned to the coaching industry specializing in integrative and functional health. My past experiences include interdisciplinary nursing, executive healthcare leadership, and regulatory consulting.

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Susan A.


"This is the best I've eaten in my entire life; I didn't realize how much better I could feel. Danielle helped me realize that what I thought were healthy choices, really were not. In fact, some of them weren't much better than eating my favorite candy bar. Now I get it and can make healthier choices!"

Meryl P.


"Working with Danielle was one of the best decisions I've made on my fitness/wellness journey. When I started out, I was definitely very nervous about eating more food and needed to shift my mindset. Danielle helped me so immensely with this and was patient enough to repeat things I needed to hear a few times over until it stuck. At first, I was definitely hesitant about making the investment; it seemed extreme and I wasn't sure how helpful it would be. But after seeing how science-based and reasonable Danielle's posts were, and knowing she had a healthcare background, I knew I was in good hands. Over the 8 weeks we worked together, Danielle was flexible, knowledgeable, and thorough. I'm eating about 300 calories more per day while maintaining a stable weight. I upped my push-up game significantly and was able to continue increasing weight in my exercises pretty much every week. I can't tell you how good it felt to have sustained energy throughout my workouts again. I gained not only a mentor but also a friend while working with Danielle. Yay fitness buds!!! You won't regret signing up for Danielle's coaching, I am sure of it."

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